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Saizen RO Rules

Post  Eve on Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:22 pm

Saizen RO Rules

By registering in Saizen RO, the player abides and agrees to all rules listed below. Non compliance and ignorance of the rules are not an excuse and is punishable by the law. Disciplinary actions will be applied on a player who has broken these rules.

Forum Related:

1. Forum Manners
- Be nice and respectful to ALL while replying to any post or topic. If you disagree with any opinion/post made by the poster, do not insult/flame the author(s). Everyone has different opinions on things so it is best to respect and accept others opinions. If you really want to argue with them, do in a friendly way and not with harsh words/flaming. Users are reminded any rude/harsh words and CAPS are not tolerated.
- If necessary contact Moderating Team, you can report the user.

2. Flaming
- Being overly sarcastic, insulting, trolling, and/or flaming is strictly not allowed.

3. Spamming
- Posting pointless topic or pointless message is spamming and this includes emoticons, and posting messages with intention of increasing your post count, continuous posting on the same topic without using edit function, posting the same question across several sections and using the quote function feature without contributing new to a thread.
- Use PM if you will do 1:1
- If necessary PM the Moderating Team for post or topic deletion, you can report the user.
- There's a thread for spamming.

4. Repeated Topics
- Before posting a topic use search function to avoid repeated thread
- If necessary PM the Moderating Team for topic deletion, you can report the user.

5. Forum Section Posting
- All topics created must be posted on their appropriate sections
- New and Updates Sections, the description is "Talk about the newest Ragnarok Online patches and such", Ignore the description that is for LifetimeRO News and Updates
- All posts not written in English must be posted on their appropriate Language Support Section

6. Language
- The forum's main language is English and therefore all post must be written in English. All posts not written in English must be posted on their appropriate Language Support Section

7. Server Advertisement
- Any post containing any reference to other servers shall be deleted or edit, using name of other server as your name will be ban.
- If necessary PM the Moderating Team for post or topic deletion, you can report the user.

8. Forum Account

- One forum account is enough, if you will make another account make sure you will never use this for the poll or to insult / flame other person. Impersonating a known player, member, GM is also not allowed

- Fake GM will be punish

9. Signature Rules
Max Resolution is 800x300

10. Post Content
- Do not post any offensive content that may be of direct relation to sensitive issues, nor any adult content - [Excessive violence, porn, animal abuse, human abuse, or similar]. Those who do not abide by these rules will be considered to have their forum account permanently banned.

11. Old/Dead Topics
- Do not resurrect any old/dead topics by bumping them or posting spam. Topics naturally die over time, unless they are stickied, and resurrecting them only floods the forums with unnecessary content that is obviously of no use/interest to anyone any longer.
Those who fail to abide by this rule will be warned, and excessive disregard for this rule will result in a temporary forum ban.

Forum Offenses

1st-Verbal Warning
2nd-Final Verbal Warning
3rd-7 Days ban
4th-2 Weeks ban
5th-1 Month ban

-A banning can be issued immediatelly depending on the offense.
-After banning the warning count DOES NOT RESET.

Here fews rules for moderator, please follow them.

- abuse bug in any case
- Can edit users posts ONLY if the users put sexual language/ announcing other server/ selling php / Or any stuff which could cause trouble to server
- Respect all users
- Cannot ban for personal hate, cannot edit posts for personal useless comments.
- Can delete useless topic as spam/ads/users saying bad stufff about server or gm or anything relate to this.
- Can ban if users keep breaking rules

If any of those rules is break, the moderator can be remove from the team without any warning.

Game Related:

1. Always be respectful to GMs. Insults or verbal harassement towards a GM won't be tolerated. Do not disrespect a GM by accusing him/her of cheating with his/her legit or abusing his/her powers. If you have a good reason to report a GM, just do it here without spreading useless rumours. That won't be tolerated.

Punishment: Jail or Delete Account

-- -- If you have been maltreated by a member of the staff, please immediately take a screenshot as well as every other possible proof and report it without delay.

2. Advertising other servers is strictly forbidden (including IPs or url).

Punishment: Permanent Ban of All Accounts in your IP

3. Do not abuse the BC (Broadcasting). This includes harassement, insults and non-sense talking (like revealing your own life). The whole server doesn't need to know about your personal issues or problems with others.

Punishment: 1 hour jail

4. Do not ask to be a GM or Sub-GM.

Punishment: Mute or Jail

5. Impersonating a GM is strictly forbidden. This includes names starting with GM or anything similar.

Punishment: Permanent Ban of All Accounts in your IP

6. Do not impersonate a player.

Punishment: Char Deleted + Ban

7. Do not harass a player (verbally/sexually). Just remember that there are people of all ages playing here. So you need to remain respectful or you might be sanctioned.

Punishment: Jail for 1 day or 2 weeks it depends upon what you said.

8. Selling items to people for real money is strictly forbidden! or Trading Items in other server.

Punishment: Permanent Ban of All Accounts in your IP

9. Do not trade players in WoE. This distracts them and make them vulnerable to attacks. (This can be avoided by typing /notrade).

Punishment: Ban For 1 week - 2 weeks

10. Do not use the Friend menu option on players in WoE.

Punishment: Temporary Ban

11. Botting is strictly forbidden as well as the use of any kind of third party program.

Punishment: Permanent Ban of All Accounts in your IP

12. Bugs exploits are also forbidden. If a bug is found, it is to be reported as soon as possible to a GM or on the bug tracker (if it doesn't lead to abusive exploit). Items/zeny duping is also forbidden.

Punishment: Permanent ban of All Accounts in your IP.

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