SaizenRO Devt Team (Revised Rules)

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SaizenRO Devt Team (Revised Rules)

Post  *Emperor* on Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:54 pm

Saizen Ragnarok Online is offering a free play server provided that there is a Law or Agreement and Rules of Conduct that every player should retain. This Law covers up all corresponding punishment and expiation. Ignorance of the Law excuses no one. ( Ignorantia juris non excusat ) The Law applies to all otherwise none at all. ( The SaizenRO Dev't Team is authorized to implement such disciplinary actions with such penalties )

1.All information that pertains to his/her account resides to the player. Sharing account to others is not allowed whereas only the owner will be responsible for it. However, if and only if the account desolate within 90 days, the server will implement total deletion of the account as it provokes inadvertent players.

2.Total infringement is strictly prohibited such as fraud , indecent spoof, intimidation, personal bluff, and any other things that will hook the attention and threat players that will lead to serious terror. In addition , malicious acts such as nasty , discourteous, brusque, disrespectful and unmannerly position of speech shall be observed. The player should be responsible on any words that he/she might be into, as it represents every character at the game.

3.Any kind of theft is a serious liability. All types of impersonation with regards to the identity (IN GAME NAME) of any player , GM team / SaizenRO Dev't Team is disallowed. Furthermore, this will result to confusion and fuzz to every player. Hence, the account is subjected to account blocking.
Note: the Administrator ( * Mercurial * ) can assist your account status

4.The Server is maintaining the balance items, any account who obtained superior items such as Ahura Mazdah and Angra Manyu is strictly prohibited. Unattainable and pre – launched items are is not allowed. Proven offense will subjected to interrogation as the server will not tolerate the source of every item.

5.Unlawful use of third party programs such as BOT and any interfering acts / device that will disrupt the server will be punishable.

6.Saizen Ragnarok Online is respecting all the servers with the same game as the server also want to gain respect. Advertisement of any server inside the premises of Saizen Ragnarok Online or forums will result to a serious violation, consequently the internet protocol address maybe affected and will result to account closure. Saizen Ragnarok Online is also demanding for the same rule for server's name. The members / players of the server should not advertise the server outside or in any forums of the server.

7.Real world is not same with Saizen world, the server is anticipating that the economy of the server shall be with the server only. Hence, anyone that is caught selling , buying items to a real money will be subjected to an unquestionable internet protocol address ban and closure for the account.

8.The Saizen Dev't Team or Game Master's main objective is to maintain the equality of every player and picturesque charm of the server. They will do everything to make all things come to satisfaction for the players. Hence, any roughness and absence of respect is a complete violation, cruelness will result to account deletion. Furthermore, private messages and mass flooding is not tolerable, if the concern is about the report , post it at the forums ( ), proper conduct must be observed.

9.Bugs are considered error , flaws , mistake , failure or fault of a computer program. This is unnatural and must be fixed to maintain the balance of the server. Hence, any exploitation or using it as an advantage will be punishable. This must be reported in order to continue a more productive and enjoyable server.

10.Enjoy the Server Smile Good Luck <3

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