SaizenRO Warlords (7v7Event)

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SaizenRO Warlords (7v7Event)

Post  Ventus on Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:39 am

Do you have what it takes to be on the Strongest team here in SaizenRO?

Test your strength and Show your might!

Come and Participate here on 7v7 Event!

Mechanics :

The Match will compose of 2teams with 7Members Each and will fight with each other.

To Win : Eliminate all opponents team members .

Rules :

1. All members per team should be on the same party and guild

a. Your team's guild should be different from the others
b. You cannot use the same Guild Emblem
c. All Members in a team should have the same Cloth Dye
2. No Donation Headgear's this simply means that you can only use npc or normal gears such as alice doll feather beret , cyclops eye etc.

3. No Repetition of Jobs . (You cannot form a team with a 2 or more members with the same class)

4. No Switching / Changing of members , this simply means that only registered member on ateam can play so if you think you have a doubt with your members better change them before you register.

5. Skills that will be Prohibited :

• Soul Link Buffs
• Resurrection
• Basilica
• Moonlight Water Mill
• Redemptio

Rules can be change with prior notice.

Prize :

1st Place :
7Doppelganger Card
70Donation Coupons
70Event Tickets
140yggdrasil berry box (10)
700Million Zeny
7 Mr.Scream ( Limited Edition Headgears )

2nd Place :

70Event Tickets
70yggdrasil berry box (10)
700million Zeny

*Prizes can be change with prior notice

To Register just message me here in the forums with the following Format
(btw please be careful on putting names because this will be case sensitive)

Guild Name : (guild name of your team)

Leader :
-[Class/Job] : [Name]
Members :
-[Class/Job] : [Name]
-[Class/Job] : [Name]
-[Class/Job] : [Name]
-[Class/Job] : [Name]
-[Class/Job] : [Name]
-[Class/Job] : [Name]

Registration will close on October 24 2011 (Monday)

The Event Will be held on October 25 2011 (Tuesday) 9:00pm onwards GMT + 8 i will just announce the place in game.

That's all and have fun playing SaizenRO!


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Event Winner

Post  *Emperor* on Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:21 pm

Team FAN

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