How to be a good GuildMaster

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How to be a good GuildMaster

Post  *XVI on Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:31 pm

for newbies GMs

Being a guild master is a huge responsibility especially if your guild is siege active. You can not just jump into a conclusion that you can be a Ragnarok guild master. Yes, everyone could but do you have it? Do you have the capability to lead a guild with 56 members or more? Could you gain the respect of Ragnarok Midgard? DO you have the charm, the wit and the strategy? As a guild master, you must provide for the whole guild during sieges to aid you in the battle.

If you want to be a guild master of a successful sieging guild, you need loyal members. Some Ragnarok players chooses their guild based on how much the guild can give them, in terms of zeny and compensation. But when these kind of players found a new guild that offers more, they’ll leave you. So befriend and respect all your guildsmen, make them feel important and recognize their efforts forthe guild. Chances are, a lot of Ragnarok players would prefer staying with you.

You need to have a lot of Zeny to get your guild into action. You need to give compensation and restorative items during Ragnarok sieges to help them survive. You need zeny to run a complete warp station. You need warpers, coaters and buffers. Besides, you have the castle’s treasure in return. If you get an emblem of solar god or pole axe, sell them and share it with your guildmates. So it’s only fair if you share some with your guildsmen in terms of zeny. It’snot just you who attacked and defended the castle.

When one of your guildmates got hacked, you need to at least give him or her some zeny to start with. This way you won’t loose another member because of hacking. A lot ofRagnarok players quit because they got hacked. Also, if some of your members need an equipment, let’s say an unfrozen armor, it wouldn’t hurt if you give them one. It’s not just for you but it’s for the guild.

During siege time, they must feel your presence through your commands. Stay cool, I know lots of members could be agitating. The guild master should know what guilds to make alliance to and bewitched them with their charm. When a Ragnarok guild master would make decisions, it must be not for himself but for the welfare of the guild.

You should be knowledgeable of the game Ragnarok. You must have the intelligence to craft defensive and offensive tactics. You must be aware of the advantage point of every Ragnarok castle, how to make things work. The guildmaster should choose their job perfectly well. He should choose the job that he thinks would benefit the whole guild.Being aRagnarok guild master is not an easy task, when you are on top of your game, chances are people would intrigue and attacked you. People would say some malicious and personal things about you. Every person has a weakness, don’t let it get into you. Stand tall, stay firm.


lol! I hope this guide can be help for the new GMs here in saizenRO Smile keep up playing guys Smile

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Re: How to be a good GuildMaster

Post  Tsuyoshi on Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:56 pm

Just focus on your guild
be responsible.

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